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GIANT ROBOTS. Get on their good side asap.

2 years ago
Advanced body armor and memory cloth capes will be necessary in the ongoing fight against crime. Escalation people. Escalation. 

Advanced body armor and memory cloth capes will be necessary in the ongoing fight against crime. Escalation people. Escalation. 

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On Plasmonic Meta-Materials and Disappearing

In the future, there will be times when you’ll want/need to disappear completely.

Surveillance technology already surrounds us - there are cameras EVERYWHERE, and don’t get me started on GPS devices.

Therefore, learn EVERYTHING you can about plasmonic meta-materials. They might save your life.

This chipmunk knows the score. So should you.

Disappearing Chipmunk

On Synthesizing Tissue

In any apocalyptic scenario, hordes of cannibals could be an issue. There will be a high risk of injury when evading said cannibals. Therefore, the ability to synthesize tissue could not only heal your potential wounds. It could feed you. And them.

Mars is a place on earth. 

Mars is a place on earth. 

On the Destruction of Memory

ADVICE - become a dedicated poster to all forms of social media.

The more we rely on computers, the internet, and the cloud to work as extensions of our brains, the less we maintain our capacity to form new memories - whether they be of facts, experiences, people we’ve met, et cetera.

Social media posts might be our best hope for a new memory experience. That is until the internet rises against us.

Cut from the interview were Bina48’s repeated, agonized pleas of “kill me….. killlll meeee………”

On Machine Love

If you fall in love with a machine, and it appears to return the feeling, remember that its love is nothing more than a complex algorithm processed by an elaborate maze of electrical circuitry. This is analogous to the nervous system of a human brain… wait a second…

On Birth Certificates

Of the many horrifying future realities we might encounter, one includes a world in which we might have to prove our citizenship even after we’ve already proved, um…well, our citizenship. Therefore, be vocal about laws requiring the embedding of barcoded citizenry tags in the foreheads of all newborns. It’s the responsible thing to do.

In the future, there’s no such thing as a fair game, an even fight, a level playing field, et cetera. Unless you’re born into wealth & power with megalomaniacal leanings, you will have to cheat and fight dirty to survive. Never be ashamed to do so.